Bottles for Babies

what is it

Baby bottle campaign

The Baby Bottle Campaign is an annual fundraising event which starts in January and ends in December.

Donors can have the option of collecting change with their church group, school, business, organization, club, or on an individual basis.  The Baby Bottle Campaign proceeds can be used for purchasing items for the Baby Boutique, Parent University, Medical Services and Supplies, or General Fund.

It is a great way to get youth and children involved in a giving to a worthy cause; the cause for LIFE.  We can also provide a speaker for their church, business, organization, school, etc. when requested. We are thankful for all of the individual donations made by individuals, churches and schools, clubs and organizations this year. Baby Bottle proceeds are $2,445. Talk to our team to get started today!

How it works

Pick Up Date

Select a time to kick off your campaign.
Have a start and end – typically 2-4 weeks in length.

Decide on the number of bottles

You may ask you participants to provide the bottles, you can provide the bottles, or we can provide the bottles for you.

Announce the campaign

Let your congregation or participating groups know your start and end dates.

distribute and display the bottles

Be creative in setting up a place for your participants to pick up their empty bottles, such as a decorated table, baby bassinet, or crib. be sure to set a $$$ goal for your group.

Set a return date

Choose a date for you participants to return the bottles to you. We suggest about 2-4 weeks after distribution.

Turn in the bottles

Return your filled bottles to: Seeds Women’s Center. We will count your change and report the total to you!